Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Cleaning - Where to Donate

Katie here!  I recently moved and the months leading up to putting our house up for sale I did a massive purge.  It was insane to see what my Husband and I had been living with for all these years! Items pre-marriage to tons of post marriage accumulations.  Over the years we have held yard sales and given majority of our items to Goodwill. The drop off at Goodwill is just so easy!  But as I started to accumulate odds and ends I wanted to explore other charities in the area too.  Here is a list of charities that I have donated to over the years.  Maybe there are few items laying around your house that you weren't sure whether to trash it or where would the appropriate new home for it be.

Food for Others - Located in Merrifield VA, they collect food for unemployed and low income residents in the NOVA area, among other services.  We all need to clean out those cupboards every once and a while!  Instead of throwing out that unused baby formula or jarred foods, drop them off here, as well as other canned goods, etc., taking up space in the cupboards.  Drop off is quick and easy. Just pull up to their loading dock.  They will weigh the food and give you a donation slip.

Suited for Change - A Washington DC based organization, they help low income women by providing counseling and clothing for career and employment development.  I use to be an auditor and had to wear suits everyday.  Once I left public accounting I had no need for the suits.  Drop off is easy.  They have literally curbside pick up.  Check out their website for their next drop off location.

OneSight - Got out-to-date glasses?  We had 10 pairs! This organization will give your glasses to those in need in poor areas across the world.  For some individuals this could lead to employment opportunities that were otherwise unavailable. OneSight has many drop off locations, such as, Target Optical (in most Target stores), Sears Optical, and Sunglass Huts.  I dropped mine off at Target.  And they will give you the tax donation slip as well. Click on the OneSight link to find a donation center near you.

Falls Church Community Service Council - Got furniture?  This organization provides human services to the poor or disadvantaged in the Falls Church area.  They work with a coalition of churches and human service organizations.  We donated two large couches and a desk to this organization.  They will come to your house to pick up the items. They also accept food, diapers and house supplies.

The Human Society - We have an adorable chocolate lab. And let's be honest she is spoiled.  We have a ton of toys that she has out grown or become disinterested in over the years.  Instead of just pitching them we donated all of her gently used toys, puppy supplies that she had out grown, old bedding, and old towels.  They also have a thrift store that sells household items to help support the centers. I dropped the goods off at the Fairfax Administration Building.

Vietnam Veterans of America - Once we moved into our new house we had a bunch of items that the previous owner had left and some household items that just didn't work in the new house.  In addition we had several bags of clothing to donate.  This organization will come to your home and pick up the items for you. Just go online to schedule a pickup date and leave the items in the front of your house the day of pickup.  They will leave you a donation slip on your door. 

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